“Boundary” orbit attitude control power system

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The independently developed orbit attitude control power system includes 25N, 200N, 700N, 2000N and other existing product sequence, and can be flexibly customized 10N~10kN thrust orbit attitude control engines according to customer requirements, which can provide accurate attitude adjustment, velocity correction and orbit maintenance services for carrier rockets, satellites and other space vehicles.
Master core technology and own independent intellectual property rights:
The cooling method of continuous liquid film and low mixing ratio edge zone was used to control the transition point from nuclear boiling to film boiling, improve the efficiency of droplet evaporation, and effectively eliminate heat back invasion.
The momentum Angle and flow intensity distribution of interlocking jet synthesis are optimized to ensure high specific impact performance, wide working range and strong adaptability.
The key parameters such as jet length and velocity of injector are designed accurately. The low flow adaptive flow distribution can improve the uniformity of flow intensity distribution and mixing ratio distribution, and improve the combustion efficiency of engine.
With the metal spinning lining external carbon fiber winding composite cylinder and titanium alloy ring cylinder design integration and testing capabilities, cylinder fatigue life is not less than 1000 times, with high reliability, light weight characteristics.
Capable of designing and testing low-cost propellant management systems, and integrating check valves and diaphragm valves in tank inlet and outlet according to customer requirements.
High pressure, large flow, light pressure reducing valve design test capability, the pilot operating principle, with fast response, zero flow seal reliable, different flow under the outlet pressure of high precision characteristics.
With lightweight fast response solenoid valve design and integration ability, can be designed in the form of single or multi-machine combination solenoid valve, the valve body can be used as the installation bracket to reduce the installation quality. Energy-saving circuit is adopted to reduce the current from 1A to 0.4A, greatly saving battery energy. The designed valve pulse life is more than 10,000 times. The opening time of the valve for 2000N engine is not more than 10ms, and the opening time of the valve for 25N engine is not more than 5ms.
0.2 kN – 10 kN
Customized flexible configuration
High vacuum specific impulse