“Boundary” orbit attitude control power system

The independently developed orbit attitude control power system includes 25N, 200N, 700N, 2000N and other existing product sequence, and can be flexibly customized 10N~10kN thrust orbit attitude control engines according to customer requirements, which can provide accurate attitude adjustment, velocity correction and orbit maintenance services for carrier rockets, satellites and other space vehicles.Master core technology …

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Hyperbolic II

Hyperbola-2 is a small liquid launch vehicle with a two-stage series configuration, which is used to launch small satellites. Hyperbolo-2 has a length of 28m, a diameter of 3.35m first-stage arrow body and 2.25m second-stage arrow body, a takeoff thrust of 106t and a low-earth orbit carrying capacity of 1.9 tons.Hyperboloid 2 carrier rocket uses …

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Mosasaur One vacuum model

Product description:The Mosasaur I vacuum rocket engine is a gas generator cycle vacuum pump-pressured liquid rocket engine with liquid oxygen/liquid methane as propellant. Based on the Mosasaur I as the base platform, the Mosasaur I is evolved by replacing the large area specific nozzle extension section.Product index:Vacuum thrust: 700kN (about 70 tons of force)Vacuum specific …

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Suborbital launch: Xingtu 1

The “Xingtu I” rocket is a small solid commercial carrier rocket developed by Beijing Xingtu Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. for launching tiny satellites.Length: 21mLoad capacity: 240kg 500kmSSOTake-off weight: 30tDiameter: 1.4m

Pulse detonation engine

Detonation engine (including spark series, sky Fire series and Earth Fire series)Basic parameterMaximum state: (ISA+15℃)Thrust kgf(kN) 320(3.1)Oil consumption rate kg/(kgf·h)(kg/(kH·h)) XXOverall sizeMaximum engine diameter mm XXLength mm XXFlight altitude: 4~10kmFlight requirement: XXFlight speed: high altitude parallel ≥1Ma, sustained level flight ≥120sTakeoff weight: ≤300kgMaximum task load: XX

Lingyun engine

“Lingyun” is the first liquid rocket engine launched by Kyushu Yunjian for the commercial space market. It is the first liquid engine product born in the domestic space field that has the capability of multiple starts, depth variable thrust, and support rocket recovery and reuse. Excellent multi-start capability and 20%-100% measured variable thrust performance, through …

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Tianfalcon series 150N dual-unit engine

Product description:The Tianfalcon 150N bicomponent engine is mainly used for orbit transfer of spacecraft, attitude control and final stage attitude control of missile weapons using green nitrous oxide/methylhydrazine as propellant.Product index:Propellant: MON-3/MMH;Chamber pressure: 1.8MPa;Vacuum ratio: 9:2870NS /kg;Starting acceleration: T90≤15ms;Shutdown acceleration: T10≤12ms;Maximum working time: 500s;Cumulative working hours: 9:28 so 5000s;Cumulative number of operations: 9:28 so 10,000;Product …

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