Lingyun engine

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“Lingyun” is the first liquid rocket engine launched by Kyushu Yunjian for the commercial space market. It is the first liquid engine product born in the domestic space field that has the capability of multiple starts, depth variable thrust, and support rocket recovery and reuse. Excellent multi-start capability and 20%-100% measured variable thrust performance, through multistage parallel can meet the launch, recovery and reuse of small liquid rocket, suitable for a variety of loads, scenarios, and in the rocket upper stage has a broader demand. At present, the “Lingyun” engine has completed the deep variable thrust thermal test and passed the customer review.
Ground thrust: 100kN
Vacuum thrust: 116.5kN
Ground specific impulse: 288s
Vacuum plate specific impulse: 355s
Engine weight * : 248kg
Maximum engine swing Angle: ±8°
Thrust adjustment range: 115%-30%
Multiple start capability in a single task: ≥5 times
Single working time: ≥200s
Number of reuses: ≥50 times