Low orbit Starlink system services

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The upper and lower orbit Object constellation consists of 72 satellites, using the Walker constellation with a circular inclination orbit.

Orbital structure: 8 orbital planes are evenly distributed on the equatorial plane, with 9 satellites (including 1 backup star) in each orbital plane.

Orbital inclination: 50°

Orbit altitude: 600km, it can completely cover the area between 62° N and 74° N


Short message: Used for information collection of iot devices and short message communication. A message can contain up to 1000 Chinese characters.

Voice message: Similar to wechat voice message, the length of a single voice message should be no more than 20sec.

Image: Used for image information collection of Internet of Things equipment, which can transmit images of 100 kb magnitude.

Video: similar to wechat 15sec short video, used for short video information collection.

Voice: Provides special users with one IP voice call within the earth station service range, with a call duration of 2min to 10min.