NST nano type star sensor

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Product Detail

NST sensor is a highly integrated design of star sensor, which greatly reduces the resource demand for satellites. NST adopts the unique LIS (Lost in Sight) mode technology, which can quickly capture satellite attitude. Specific technical indicators are as follows.

Weight :90g (including 150g mask)

Field of view Angle :240X190 (without hood) 160 (with hood)
Maximum size :54mm×50mm×47mm (without hood) 77mm×50mm×106mm (with hood)

Yaw measurement accuracy :3~5arcsec

Roll measuring accuracy ≤50arcsec

Power consumption: 0.85W (+5V power supply)

Attitude update rate: 5-8Hz (LIS mode)

Working mode: LIS, initial attitude capture time is less than 200ms

Observed magnitude: 5.8 (inline star list, automatic correction of star’s self, optical aberration, annual error, etc.)

Solar shielding Angle: ~350 (with mask)

Vibration >15g(sinusoidal, random)

Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +45℃

Storage temperature: -500C to +800C