Steam chamber type uniform temperature plate

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Flat Vapor Chamber (VC for short) is a heat dissipation device with capillary structure on the inner wall. When heat is conducted from heat source to evaporation zone, the working medium in the chamber will vaporize and absorb heat. The vapor working medium will condense and release heat in the low temperature zone inside the heat pipe, and the liquid working medium after condensation will return to the heat source under the action of capillary force or gravity. Thus, the rapid diffusion and transfer of heat can be achieved.

In practical application, the real performance depends on the welding method, preparation of capillary structure, selection of working medium, cavity configuration and actual heat transfer path and other factors.

Equivalent thermal conductivity: ≥2000W/m·K*

Maximum heat flux: ≥10W/cm2*

Maximum heat transfer temperature difference:≤10℃*

Storage temperature range: -60℃~120℃*

Operating temperature range: -55℃~+100℃*

Maximum contour area:500mm×500mm**

Minimum thickness of cavity: 2mm**

Metal shell material: aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel, etc.

Core competence:Special structure preparation, complex structure welding packaging, long life product production.

Special capillary preparation ability:Large scale/small scale /three-dimensional structure /composite aperture.

Special welding and packaging capabilities: 1, aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel vacuum welding and packaging process; 2, three-dimensional structure of vapor cavity structure of electron beam welding, argon arc welding and other packaging technology.

Precision working medium perfusion ability and long life assurance ability: 1. Precision quantitative perfusion process of working medium; 2. Long life quality control process.

Self-developed High Reliability and high Precision Charging system, CN201810024046.5.