Three-axis flux-gate magnetometer

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Product Detail

Triaxial fluxgate magnetometer adopts probe and line box separate design, probe built-in temperature sensor, easy to compensate temperature, adapt to a wider range of measuring temperature. Flux-gate magnetometer has the characteristics of simple structure, good stability and strong adaptability, which can meet the basic mission requirements of low-medium orbit spacecraft.

Magnetic field range :±60000nT

Ratio coefficient :3.3V/120000nT±5%

Magnetic field accuracy :±200nT

Resolution :25nT

Noise :±50nT

Power-on establishment time :25ms

Power supply voltage :5V

Operating temperature: line box :-20℃~+55℃, probe :-70℃~+80℃

Storage temperature :-50℃~+105℃

Life span :2 years

Power consumption :0.3W

Weight :≤400g

Size: line box 110mm×70mm×15mm, probe 86mm×57mm×45mm