Three-dimensional collision warning system for spacecraft

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Product Detail

Spacecraft collision warning is a space collision warning service provided by our computing cloud platform. Based on the real-time spacecraft orbit determination results (and the two-row root number of the space target issued by NorAD), the system can calculate and generate the orbit change control strategy when the collision probability is high, and implement the orbit adjustment of the satellite to avoid collision.

  1. high-speed calculation, accurate screening
    For the space target list after screening, the open source TBB parallel computing library is introduced for calculation, which greatly improves the cpu usage and reduces the calculation time from tens of minutes to a few minutes.
    According to the orbital data of the cataloged spacecraft, the software calculates the perigee and apogee heights of all space targets to screen the orbital height and geocentric distance of the spacecraft, and removes a large number of target spacecraft that are impossible to collide.
    2.on-demand deployment, strong adaptability
    Software development is based on cross-platform open source library and programming environment, which can be deployed on various operating systems according to user requirements.
  2. Authoritative data, updated daily
    The data source is automatically updated daily using a two-line root number published on the NORAD network.