ADR bearing

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Product Introduction (Bearing)

ADR is a world famous manufacturer of high precision ball bearings, specializing in the development and production of ultra-light, ultra-thin, integrated high precision bearings. ADR’s bearings and mechatronics components are widely used in the aerospace and aviation fields, and 80% of the European Space Agency’s ball bearings are supplied by ADR. Xi ‘an Tianyuan Optoelectronic Technology Co., LTD., as the authorized distributor of ADR, has established extensive cooperative relations with many domestic aviation and aerospace units.

Product features: high precision, long life, integrated design, customized development, harsh environment adaptability (vacuum, high pressure, high temperature and high corrosion environment, etc.)

Product type: thin-wall bearing, integrated bearing, special design bearing, micro bearing

Application fields: Defense & security field, aviation field, aerospace field, science & medical field