P80 CL 2011(2020)

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Product Detail

P80-CL-GSENSE2020/2011 High speed camera, internal GSENSE2011e/GSENSE2011e chip, resolution 2048×1152/ 2048×1152, pixel size 6.5×6.5um, with extremely high dark field sensitivity. Output support 8BIT-MONO or 8BIT-BAYER, the interface form is Camera link, support base, Medium, Full, full-80 (Deca) a total of four kinds of interface width, through the acquisition card for image acquisition, display, storage, playback. It can be used with our company’s storage system.

The camera supports two modes: free trigger exposure and external trigger exposure. Users can set the exposure mode, integration time, gain level and other parameters through the serial port control software.

Optional binning mode output to reduce resolution, increase frame rate, and improve signal-to-noise ratio.

The high sensitivity and stability of the camera enable it to be used in extremely demanding working environments, strong body design, and easy installation for users to install it into their own integrated equipment. And because of its remarkable high sensitivity and high speed characteristics, the camera can be widely used in various high-speed motion situations. Such as high-speed detection, sports, crash test and other environments.