Attitude and trajectory control system software

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Product Description:Attitude and orbit control system software is a software system to realize satellite attitude and orbit control. It mainly realizes data acquisition and processing of various sensors and measurement components on the satellite, carries out attitude determination and control algorithm, and controls the relevant actuator to adjust the attitude and orbit of the satellite, so as to make the satellite operate with a specific attitude and orbit.
Available functions:
It has the ability to damp the initial angular velocity when the rocket and satellite separate.
With the ability to capture and Orient the sun;
It has an orientation mode to the sun;
It has a triaxial stability model to the ground;
With track maintenance and stability function;
When the attitude is abnormal or in emergency state, it can recapture the attitude and establish the three-axis orientation.
It has the function of inter-satellite communication.
It has the capability of self-diagnosis and reconstruction as well as ground injection to modify on-board software.