Materialise 3D printing kit

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3D printing has evolved into a mature industrial manufacturing technology and has been applied in more and more industries. For those already reasonably experienced, the key challenge is no longer technology, but economics. Companies are trying to make 3D printing more productive and efficient, and the key to this battle is software.
In order to help you complete projects, scale up production and build an efficient 3D printing business, Materialise has developed premium additive manufacturing software solutions based on nearly 30 years of 3D printing experience. Our open, flexible platform helps you build innovative 3D printing applications, no matter what additive manufacturing technology or equipment you use.
Materialise Magics 3D Printing suite includes design optimization tools, industry-leading data and platform preparation software, quality control tools and production management systems, providing an end-to-end software suite for additive manufacturing plants. It also includes software and control systems used by device makers to better bridge the gap between apps and 3D printers.
This kit enables you to continuously increase 3D printing productivity by tapping into the world’s largest additive manufacturing ecosystem.