Charging unit (solar cell sheet)

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Product Detail

Product description
The Zero Gravity Laboratory provides high energy efficiency solar array products suitable for CubeSat. The solar cells have high reliability and have undergone multiple flight verification. The product has strong versatility and flexible configuration, greatly shortening the product customization cycle. A coarse sun sensor can provide effective sun Angle information for the ADCS.
Product name
Charging unit (solar cell sheet)
Performance index
Interface: 2 4-pin Molex power connectors 1 8-pin Molex signal connectors refer to the 18th Research Institute of China Science and Technology Corporation enterprise military standard Q/VE20361-2002
Functional characteristics

  1. Three-junction gallium arsenide solar cells;
  2. Integrated coarse sun sensor and temperature sensor;
  3. PCB/ aluminum plate/aluminum reinforced PCB bottom plate;
  4. Compatible with ISIS structural components;
  5. Compatible with GomeSpace/ClyderSpace EPS;
  6. QuadPack/ISIPOD launcher compatible;