Memory metal separation nut

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Product Detail

Memory metal Separation Nut (SBN, SMA-based Ball-holding Separation Nut) uses the principle of split nut to realize large load locking, and uses the memory metal driver to trigger the energy storage spring to unlock, which has the technical advantages of low impact, no pollution and reusable. The separation nut is driven by redundant memory metal driver, which has high reliability. Internal integrated redundant unlock status indicator switch, easy to ground and orbital unlock status monitoring; With ±2° oscillating degrees of freedom, effectively reducing the coaxiality requirements of the locked structure.
The upper end of the SBN series separation nuts can be installed as Standard interface (STD), Bottom Mount (BM), and Two-side Mount (TM). The bearing range of the SBN series separation nuts is 1 to 20kN. The fastest unlocking time is about 35ms, and the lightest product is only 40g (carrying 1kN).