Memory alloy pin extractor

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Product Detail

Memory alloy pin puller using memory alloy as a drive, the pin will be pulled out before use, energized pin shrinkage, simple and reliable structure, low unlocking impact, is an ideal product to replace explosive products pin puller.
Main characteristics
Small, about the size of an average thumb;
Low power consumption, compatible with explosive signals;
Fast response, the same electrical signal can be used in 50ms;
Good environmental adaptability, not sensitive to temperature, humidity, vacuum, static electricity;
Double memory alloy drive pin, double point and double wire power supply, machinery, circuit are redundant design;
Reusable, repeated verification, high reliability;
Low unlock impact;
Easy to use, no special post, special tools, special operation, screw directly installed.

Weight: 11g

Size: 45.5×22×13.5mm3

Pull pin force >240N

Travel: 1.5mm

Response time: less than 150ms, less than 50ms at room temperature (10A current)

Reliability: not less than 0.9999999 (confidence γ=0.9)

Resistance: 1.1±0.15Ω

Current: ≥1.5A

Power consumption: 20J (-80℃), 10J at room temperature

Power-on time: calculated based on the actual supply voltage and power consumption

Operating temperature: -80℃ ~ +70℃, no action below 70℃