Compression and deployment mechanisms for solar wings,antennas,and pointing equipment

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Product Detail

The pressing and unfolding mechanism of solar wing, antenna, and pointing equipment is designed for the active segment pressing and on-orbit unlocking requirements of the active parts on the star. It mainly includes two parts: the unfolding hinge and the pressing seat. The wings are directly connected, and the mechanical interface is simple; the hinge has the functions of unfolding lock and unfolding indication; the memory alloy pin puller is powered on and unlocked, and the spring is pushed away to realize low-impact unlocking and unfolding.

Main feature:

1) Low impact unlock, less than 100g;

2) Small size, light weight, high connection rigidity;

3) Simple mechanical interface, using screws and mounting flange directly connected with the satellite and solar wing;

4) The mechanical interface is flexible, and the position and quantity of hinges and pressing seats can be freely configured according to needs;

5) Adapt to the compression and expansion of single and double folded solar wings of 1~1200kg small satellites;

6) Fast response, using the same electrical signal as pyrotechnics can complete the action within 50ms;

7) Reusable, repeated verification, high reliability;

8) Easy to use, no special position, special tools, special operation;

9) Locking after unfolding, the locking rigidity is high, which can meet the needs of rapid maneuvering of satellites;

10) Provide separation indication switch signal.