Satellite platform computer

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Product Detail

Product Description: Adhering to the design concept of miniaturization and low power consumption, space borne computer adopts extremely low power chip level integration technology to integrate a variety of position, attitude sensors, computing units and storage space. Provides a variety of reliable high-speed buses, abundant external interfaces, and large-capacity storage space, meeting users’ requirements in various scenarios;

Functional characteristics:

1)Provides computing and storage resources for the star management software to run;

2)The satellite attitude sensor data is collected to determine the attitude and control attitude of the satellite to carry out flight tasks

3)Support on – board clock management, information flow management, data management, etc;

4)PC104 interface is supported to connect to the satellite subsystem;

5)Supports USART and JTAG debugging;

6)Mass data storage unit;

7)Multiple supply voltage output;

8)Complete on-orbit verification.