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KOMPSAT-5 provided X-band SAR (Integrated Aperture Radar) images to the world market in 2014

Mission – The main mission objective of KOMPSAT-5 system is to provide the following applications (Gold Mission) :

Geographic information system

Marine management

Land management

Disaster monitoring

Environmental monitoring


KOMPSAT-5 was launched on August 22, 2013.


Dawn/dusk stationary orbit, altitude 550km, tilt Angle 97.06°, period 95.78 minutes. The Local Time on Ascending Node (LTAN) is 6:00 a.m.

KOMPSAT-5 System architecture

The KOMPSAT-5 system consists of a space segment, a ground segment, a launch segment, and various external interfaces including additional external ground stations to support the launch as well as the early orbit phase and the normal operation phase.

Imaging mode

KOMPSAT-5 can obtain data in three observation modes. Single polarization observation mode: HH or VV or HV or VH.

High resolution mode

During the acquisition, the radar beam is adjusted slightly in the forward and backward direction to acquire high-resolution data in a small area. (1-meter ground resolution, 5km bandwidth)

Standard mode (middle mode)

Continuous strip data acquisition for satellite flight orbit lateral. (3-meter ground resolution,30km bandwidth)

Wide mode (low score mode)

By imaging the distance to subsets of different ranges and stitching, ultra-wide bands of low-score data are formed for data acquisition. (20 m ground range resolution, 100km bandwidth)

The launch time is August 22, 2013

Payload SAR

Frequency 9.66GHz (X-band)

NESZ≤ 17 dB

Radiation accuracy ≤ 1 dB

Incidence Angle 20 ~ 45 deg. (nominal, 304km)

45 ~ 55 deg. (Extended, additional coverage of 186 km)

orbit Solar synchronous orbit, Dawn-dusk orbit

  • Orbital altitude: 550 km
  • Angle of incidence: 97.6 deg.
  • Local time: 6AM and 6PM

Work time is 2 minutes per orbit

Spotlight (HR)

  • Strip (ST)
  • ScanSAR (WS)

The primary mission of KOMPSAT-5 is to use the COSI payload to provide 1m high-resolution mode radar images, 3m standard mode radar images and 20m broadband mode radar images to meet mission objectives.

KOMPSAT-5 operates on a twilight orbit at an average altitude of 550km and will conduct daily observations over the Korean Peninsula in all weathers for the five years of its mission.

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