Meteorological satellite data

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China has independently developed and launched Fengyun (FY) series of meteorological satellites, including solar synchronous orbit meteorological satellites (also known as polar orbit meteorological satellites) and geostationary orbit meteorological satellites. Four of the first-generation polar-orbit meteorological satellites FY-1 have been launched, and three of the second-generation FY-3 have been launched. A total of seven geostationary meteorological satellites FY-2 have been launched, and FY-4A, the first satellite of the second generation, was successfully launched on December 11, 2016. Currently, FY-3A, FY-3B, FY-3C and FY-2C, FY-2D, FY-2E, FY-2F, FY-2G and FY-4A are in orbit. Himawari-8 is a third-generation geostationary meteorological satellite launched by Japan on October 7, 2014. The visible infrared radiometer on board is an advanced new generation of meteorological observation remote sensor. These satellites provide all-weather, three-dimensional and continuous observation of the earth’s atmosphere, ocean and surface environment, and are widely used in many fields such as meteorology, oceanography, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, aviation, navigation and environmental protection.