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Product Detail

Equipment advantage

  1. High reliability

Through outstanding modular design and lean management system, the manufacturing consistency of the final equipment is achieved. Several X series equipment produced by Radium Laser have passed the most stringent tests of industrial customers such as aerospace.

  1. Customizable

Series of equipment adopts modular design, can be customized according to customer needs of laser power, galvanometer number, forming size, monitoring module, each module independent design, widely used in the series of products, good reliability, customized products and standard product stability.

  1. Reduce the total cost of ownership of customers

Through optimized processes and specially designed systems, the equipment can help customers reduce powder and inert gas consumption, and achieve a lower operating cost. At the same time, the software designed by man-machine engineering is very easy to use, reducing the difficulty of learning equipment operators. We also have a consulting team with more than 10 years of experience in additive manufacturing, which can help customers optimize the process and improve the product qualification rate.

  1. Safety

Work safety is the most important standard of laser. All the equipment of Radium Ming has passed the safety certification, the relevant certification standards include EN60079-0:212 +A11:2013, and EN60079-2:214.