Small spaceborne camera

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Product Detail

Product description:The Z _SCAM_F_100 series camera is a highly integrated, embedded spaceborne camera that uses a dedicated DSP microprocessor for real-time image processing. Clear picture, vivid color, can be widely used in a variety of occasions satellite to earth shooting.

Performance index

Sensor type:CMOS 1/4 inch

Image pixel:2 million /5 million /8 million

Pixel size:2.2um ×2.2um

Signal-to-noise ratio:40dB

Operating voltage:5V

Communication interface:RS232/TTL/USB

Lens type:colorful

Field Angle:adjustable

Functional characteristics:

High performance, true color CMOS image sensor;

Direct output JPEG format picture;

Data transmission through RS232/TTL/USB;

Complete on-orbit verification.