Solar panel

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Product Detail

Product description:The deployable solar panel is developed based on 1U~6U cubic star. The cubic star structure is attached with freely deployable solar panels. Each group of freely deployable solar panels is 1~2, and the trigger sensor is configured to customize energy input and cloth layout;

Performance index:

Total output power of the panel: ≥90W

Single panel output power: ≥15W

Number of substrate: 6

Pre-launch form: Folded form

In orbit operation mode: three fold symmetric expansion

Folding form outer envelope: 330mm×190mm×17mm

Outer envelope of expansion form: 330mm×570mm×5.2mm

Heat dissipation design: large area copper heat dissipation

Heat consumption: ≤0.05W

Functional characteristics:

It provides customized versions in the size of 1U to 6U;

It can customize opening and closing Angle and increase the limit;

Integrated expansion trigger structure;

The folding thickness of two expansion schemes is less than 9.4mm, and the folding thickness of one expansion scheme is less than 7.6mm.